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Composer. Musicologist. Hollywood Music in Media Award Winner. Geek.



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What I Do


Music is a visual language. Let's pick the right dialect. 

Sound Design

Does much more than bring a project to life. Just imagine a silent infographic.

Orchestration and Notation

Transforming midi (or audio) files into detailed full scores ready for performance.

Midi Mockups

Using High-End sound sources, and investing hours automating the tiniest details; it can be a composer's greatest timesaver.

Orchestral Mixing and Mastering

Being an orchestrator, I will not treat your orchestral pieces as pop songs. I know what an orchestra should sound like. 

Great *iced* Coffee

Take my word for it, or pass by the studio to judge for yourself. 








"Decor is a stylish, smart and original addition to the canon of post-Arab Spring cinema, with a lush score by Khaled Al Kammar that only enhances its ravishing retro luster.

"He surprised us by his punctuality, precision, and delivered exactly what we wanted"

Zeina Eissa, Producer

"His music captured the most important moments of the film and enhanced the work deeply. And, his work in my film was positively reviewed in the local and international press. Besides being a very talented film-music composer, Khaled is a reliable, punctual, and committed person."

Ahmed Abdallah, Film Director.

"Exceptional creativity and stylistic understanding across all aspects of the assigned task"

University of Edinburgh Staff


Discuss a project, give feedback, come over for a movie night at the studio, or just engage in an artsy conversation.

Roof of 103, St 17, District 1, Fifth Settlement

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