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Chapter 1 - Early Life:

I define my life with music. "You were born the year Madonna's Vogue was released", my inner voice says, rather than simply "1990". I said my first words when The Bodyguard soundtrack broke records; and while the world danced Macarena in 1994, I discovered Mozart and knew I had to be a musician. When Celine's heart went on in Titanic, 1997, I started piano; and wrote my earliest pieces when The Lord of the Rings redefined the art of film music, 2003.


Chapter 2 - Career:

Flash forward thousands of hours of self-teaching, trial & error, and uncontrollable urge to write music, I started my career as a composer in 2012. Four feature films and two awards later, I finally decided to study music academically. In 2016, I completed my Master's degree with distinction in music composition for the screen from the University of Edinburgh. From Hollywood ReporterThe Current to local magazines, my music has been praised by critics and the press. My work has covered almost all forms of media: concert hall, tv, film, and theater. 


A considerable portion of my career has been dedicated to "standing on the shoulders of giants". I have had the honor of collaborating with and assisting some of the major composers of the middle east in high profile projects: Al Asleyeen , Afrah Al Qubba , Sonea fi Masr , and La Moakhza , to name a few.    


Chapter 3 - Philosophy & Shower Thoughts:

"Your music suggests a warm heart and a hearty sense of humor" the Oscar-nominated composer Gary Yershon once told me. Warm is how most people would describe my music. While the general tendency in the industry nowadays is to write epic music, whether called for or not, I strive to create music that is personal and honest. This by no means implies excessive sentimentality; it simply implies not shying away from being exposingly intimate.  


Chapter 4 - Awards:

Chapter 5 - Education:

Best Original Score

2014, for "Decor". 

(Esmaa Shouf Studios)

2013, for "Asham". 

(Esmaa Shouf Studios)

Best Original Score

The University of Edinburgh. Composition for Screen, 2016, with Distinction.

Master of Science 

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Grade 8

Theory of Music

Trinity College London, Grade 8

Theory of Music

Mechatronics, 2012

Bachelor Degree
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